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SARATOGA ISP COVID-19 Announcement:   

In conjunction with the efforts of LCPS and after speaking with officials at LCPS, Saratoga ISP is offering the following for students of LCPS:

Until June 1st 2020, Saratoga ISP is offering a $75 plan – that’s $50.00 off the price of the current plan. (only to be used with hotspot, price not valid for full custom installs)

Equipment: If you currently have an “unlocked” hotspot, you may be able to use it with our service. If not, Saratoga ISP will also offer a plug and play hotspot option (may not work everywhere) at a cost of $175.00.  This offer is ONLY for current LCPS Students.  After June 1st if you decide to continue service, price will increase to $125/ month or $115/ month for current and former military.

This plan is not the typical custom install Saratoga ISP normally offers and is not intended as a permanent solution for streaming purposes or whole home internet, however, it MAY suffice, this plan is meant to get our kids connected, quickly! This is a customized plan with indoor plug and play equipment.  Saratoga ISP does not have a contract, Supplies are limited. Limit 1 per home

Right now, having a reliable, low-cost connection is absolutely crucial for LCPS students, and SARATOGA ISP is doing what we can to help.

LCPS is offering a loaner program for 1 free hotspot to those LCPS students in need (supplies are limited), Saratoga ISP recommends you contact LCPS first, if their option will not work for you, let us know.

The equipment provided by LCPS is provisioned to protect children from inappropriate internet content, Saratoga ISP’s equipment WILL NOT be provisioned to block inappropriate content, it is the responsibility of each parent/ guardian to insure your children do not access inappropriate internet content.

To Contact Saratoga ISP to participate in this program, please send an email: or fill out the contact for on our website