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About Us





CoCard of VA is the national provider of credit card processing, electronic payment systems and connectivity solutions that brings  you a wealth of knowledge, experience and solutions for the transaction processing data connectivity industry. Our partnerships and network of 80 offices nationwide together with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint help us provide the most powerful resources available without sacrificing the "personal touch" that your business and residential location needs~ to ensure that your needs are always accessed quickly and accurately and you're always connected.

Whether you are a small, mid-sized, large business or residential location CoCard of VA/ Saratoga ISP is committed to tailoring services that provide solutions to your internet and  electronic payment needs .

We are confident that our experience, expertise, and capabilities will result in an immediate improvement of service. ...


Fast Professional Installation


We install your services, fast and professional.

Our stellar management and installation team is dedicated to excellent customer service. By incorporating the latest technology with time proven systems, we have the logistical capacity to meet the installation requirements of homeowners and retailers alike. Our extensively trained installers are prepared for any situation regarding the delivery, installation, and setup. 


What makes Saratoga ISP different?


  • Grounding. Do it right.. or don't do it!
  • Antenna gain.  We use the Best equipment available.  
  • State of the art radios.    Our equipment does 2, 4, 5, 12, 14, 29, 30, 66, and 71. And when T-Mobile starts 600 MHZ 5g..  Saratoga will be there!  We offer equipment that will support Carrier Aggregation. ONLY local ISP using CAT 12 and CAT 18 equipment.  Carrier aggregation is the combining of two of these bands to increase speeds.  
  • Equipment.  We don't build it, we buy it... from the best LTE Tech companies in the world. 
  • Customer Service.  We take care of our customers. Weekend, late at night, holiday... just call us, text us of email us.. Saratoga ISP has you covered. 
  • Whole house WiFi.  You need wifi and don't know how to set it up?  We offer that. Whether its a basic set up or a custom solution we will get you connected. 
  • Remote Customer Service.  We can remote into all of our equipment and manage it remotely.  This allows us to respond to issues without driving out.   Simply put, we address problems quicker than our competition.
  • We have relationships with all the carriers. .  If one carrier has poor service on a tower, we can move you to another carrier, no extra charge.  We have multiple levels of redundancy upstream with our providers, to ensure we can always provide our customers with the best solutions.
  • Personal touch.  We love our customers.  We are friends with our customers.  We empathize with the issues around connectivity in rural areas, because we are in the same boat.  We use the same services and equipment at home and in the office that we provide to the public.  So we live and breathe LTE and WiFi.